The paranasal sinuses (“the sinuses”) are air-filled cavities located within the bones of the face and around the nasal cavity and eyes. The level of maxillary sinus determines the successful placement of dental implants.

After extraction of teeth in posterior maxilla alveolar bone resorption takes place as well as maxillary sinus pneumatization results in bone loss, so we can’t placed implants. Other causes of bone loss include periodontitis, advanced age, chronic dentures, anatomical features, or even some injuries.

44373-17.jpgDuring the maxillary sinus floor elevation procedure, the space created between the residual maxillary ridge and the elevated Schneiderian membrane is usually filled with grafting material. In this way, a bone fraction is created that may allow for reliable implant placement, either simultaneously with the elevation procedure when the residual ridge allows for primary implant stability or as a second stage after healing of the grafted site. 

Bone grafting materials are generally classified as autografts, allografts, xenografts, and alloplasts. With regard to how to lift the sinus, there are two techniques:

  • Open type lifting and
  • Closed-type lifting.

Open sinus lift is used to augment the maxillary sinus prior to implant Placement in patients with sinus pneumatization due to early extraction of upper molars where the remaining available bone length is from zero to 6 mm which will not accommodate for implant placement and not sufficient for implant initial stability so we will need to do Sinus lift and augmentation of the sinus with various bone grafts either (alloplast, allograft, Autogenous).

82746-18lkk1.jpgInstead, the second is done at the same time as placing the implants without much discomfort for the patient. The only thing that is needed in both techniques, is a highly experienced and specialized periodontist - implantologist.

In general, bone graft placement in the sinus cavity and implant placement is very predictable and with good long-term success. For more information click the link: