"OUR VISION: the excellent oral hygiene.... OUR AIM: to create and maintain your smile"

Our dental clinic is located in Heraklion, Crete, specifically at 203 Knossos Avenue. It is easily accessible as it is served by public transport. For those who wish to travel by car, they will be able to easily find parking spaces, both on Knossos Avenue and in the various streets surrounding our clinic.

This is a new well organized clinic which has been formed in terms of comfort, proper functionality and patients care. We have a comfortable, pleasant and modern reception area for your best possible stay in the place, while our clinics / practices are adequately equipped to meet the high demands of dentistry. They have state-of-the-art equipment which satisfies all the rules of the European legislation regarding the safety, hygiene and sterilization, while, at the same time, our specialized and highly trained personnel offers a wide range of dental services with immediate and qualitative results.

By completing more than 10 years of presence and experience in the dental field and following the ever increasing needs and requirements of our patients and, we fulfill our vision for providing modern, high-level dental services by a qualified personnel, according to the European standards.

Thanks to specialized knowledge, innovative technology, years of experience, consistency, reliability and innovation, we ensure quality and safety in providing dental care, while, at the same time we can meet the aesthetic and functional needs even of the most demanding patient.

Our Clinic