Many times we think we see well aligned nice teeth but with a deeper observation they are small or the gums around the teeth seem uneven. In order to get the perfect smile we need perfect teeth and also perfect shape of the surrounding gums.

Contemporary dentistry through periodontal plastic surgery techniques provides the patient with a nice smile and healthy gums. What is mucogingival plastic surgery, when we need it and who is the specialist providing this therapy?

Periodontal plastic surgery consists of many different techniques. It has therapeutic as well as aesthetic purposes and aims in reshaping of gums. Dentists specialized in periodontology  use these techniques in the following situations:

1. Recession causing denudation of root surfaces. This may be due to wrong way of brushing the teeth or after orthodontic treatment.

2. Gummy smile: many patients face this problem and when they smile their teeth seem really small due to the anatomic position of the gums which cover bigger tooth surface than they should.

3. Gingival enlargement due to periodontitis, poor oral hygiene, hormonal changes during pregnancy or specific drugs.

4. Aberrant frenum which connects the lips to the oral mucosa. The enlargement of the frenum is most of the times hereditary.

There are many different techniques to correct the above mentioned problems such as:

* Gingivoplasty

* Gingivectomy

* Removal of aberrant frenum

* Crown lengthening

* Apically displaced flap

* Laterally displaced flap

* Coronally repositioned flap

* Subepithelial connective tissue graft

If we face problems like these the best thing to do is to visit a specialist in periodontology.