Inappropriate diagnosis and treatment of gingivitis can lead to a more difficult and serious condition, periodontitis. In this case, the inflammation progresses and grows in the bone and tissues surrounding and supporting our teeth. The teeth gradually lose their support, they begin to move, until they eventually fall.

     The treatment of periodontitis is performed by a specialized dentist, a periodontist, and is a more complex process than that of gingivitis. It varies depending on the degree of the periodontal disease.

     The periodontist is the specialist in alveolar bone, gums and tissues which surround a tooth in both prevention and treatment. Its goal is not to lose a single tooth from the patient’s mouth. There are several techniques to achieve this (surgical or not), always having, as an ally and friend, the as early as possible diagnosis of the disease. In order to maintain the therapeutic effect and to prevent the recurrence of periodontitis, patients join a regular procedure which includes periodic re-checkings by their dentist-periodontist and always in consultation with them.