Teeth whitening is an aesthetic technique in which we improve the colour of our teeth, thus obtaining a bright and healthy smile.

In modern dentistry, there are three whitening techniques:

cf523-3.jpgThe first technique is performed in the dental practice, by the dentist, with the help of a LED or Laser lamp and special whitening gels. The second is performed at home by the patient, who is wearing special customized whitening trays (mouthpieces), which is more time-consuming. The third technique combines the two aforementioned techniques. The whitening, in this case, begins in the dental practice and ends at home, with trays.The type of the whitening material varies, thus giving the dentist the opportunity to use specialized products, according to each patient's problem.


Teeth whitening is a completely painless process, there is only the possibility of a temporary sensitivity to external stimuli (e.g. iced water).A prerequisite for the success of whitening and the safety of the teeth is to be supervised by the dentist, while oral treatment of various dental problems (e.g. fillings) is also necessary.The result of whitening and its duration depends on both the smoking and the various eating habits of the individual (e.g. red wine, coffee, tea, etc.).

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